Entertainment Room

When you are weary of the sun and the spectacular views (it could happen) and just want to watch Star Wars again, the entertainment room is stocked with movies, a couches you can sink into (becomes queen size bed) and lounge chairs for your relaxing pleasure.

This is our family room, bright and airy with sliding glass doors opening up to the rock garden at the top of the hill. The side windows give you an excellent view of the garden and the sea (of course). The BBQ area is close by.

This is the room for relaxing, taking a nap on the couch, watching the news in zillions of languages (satellite TV), or browsing through our stock of DVD's and video games (PS2). Our video game stock is small but growing, so just bring your own favorite ones.

Our library has several travel books on Greece and pertinent info for planning your stay here, such as places to eat,maps and guide books. There are many novels, mostly mystery. You are welcome to read them and enjoy.

Tip: knowing from my grandchildren, this is the room where the kids can relax watching their favorite movie while they are waiting for supper or about ready to go to sleep.



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