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Getting Around the Surrounding Area

The Schinias area belongs to the city of Marathon. It is situated 40 Km from the center of Athens (Acropolis). During the 2004 Olympics, the Schinias area hosted both the "Marathon run start" and the "Rowing and Kayaking" center rated as the world's best. Thanks to the 2004 Olympics, a brand new 4 lane divided highway connects Schinias to the city.

The public bus transportation system is excellent with brand new air-conditioned non smoking buses. Most of the locals park their cars at the bus station, take the bus and leave the driving to others. The bus runs every hour from the town of Marathon to Athens and from our community of Schinias twice a day.


The town of Marathon is 5 Km from the house. Marathon is a quiet farm town with all the amenities of the city, including several banks, restaurants and some shopping. IF you want more night life and serious shopping, then a 15 minute drive gets you to Nea Makri.

Nea Makri

The town of Nea Makri is about 75,000 people, very popular among the Greeks in the summer time. From a summer resort, Nea Makri has now become one of the choice "suburbs" of Athens, where people holding jobs in Athens commute from every day. The town has an excellent Recreation center and an Olympic size swimming pool along with a wonderful beach with many sidewalk cafes, restaurants and night clubs. It has a beautiful marina and a nice sidewalk where one can take a multi KM stroll.


The port of Rafina is within a 25 minute drive from the villa. Through that port, one can take the boat to many Aegean islands including Israel and Egypt. A day trip starting around 7 in the morning and ending at 10 at night can take you to Andros, Tinos and Miconos. Many other multi day trips are available.


The island of Evia can be reached within a 45 minute ferry boat ride from Agia Marina the port just down the other side of our hill, within 10-15 minutes of our villa.


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