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Recommended Itinerary

Greece has life and a unique mystic that is impossible to ignore. Greece is an old culture with its roots dating back well over 8000 years. You need to come to Greece to see and experience this tiny land that sparked the fires of thought and freedom for so much of our world from Australia, India, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, all of Europe, both North and South America, and into the southern tip of Africa. You need to come to Greece to see the handiwork of Mother Nature and some of her best work of art. You need to come to Greece to complete the education of your soul.


Arrive on a Saturday and come to our villa in Schinias. After refreshing and taking a nap, you will wake up refreshed and take your first swim in the Aegean Sea. Afterwards, you will go into the local town of Marathon for shopping and stop by any of the local tavernas for a first taste of Greece's famous cuisine with some of its great local wine. Satisfied, you will return to our home, have a cool drink at the veranda under the stars before retiring for the night. This is also a time to have your first ouzo, the national beverage of Greece.


The next day, Sunday, after a good night's sleep, is the perfect day for heading into Athens. Sunday is great for driving around Athens and seeing the sites; and what sights there are to see! As you approach Athens, the Acropolis with the Parthenon guarded by the Propylaea and the Temple of Victory dominate the city. Below the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus awaits your visual pleasures. A trip through the National Museum is a must and is one of the world's best for antiquity. At the foot of the Acropolis is the ancient market place, the Agora. Today it is full of shops and life. You will linger there as the day fades and the famous nightlife of the Agora blossoms and captivates you. At this moment you know one myth is true, Greece is Life.

By all means, you cannot miss the NEW Acropolis museum at the foot of the hill. It is worth hiring a giude at the museum to escort you and explain the history of the Acropolis.


Monday is a good day to take the bus into Athens and finish seeing the museums and sites of antiquity. As you will still be recovering from traveling across all those time zones, you will most likely return to Schinias in the afternoon to rest and relax, take a swim at the beach before heading into the local town of Nea Makri for an evening of shopping and experiencing Greek life by the boardwalk. As you relax in the town square eating a Greek Gyro you will know that your choice of a Holiday in Greece was absolutely the correct choice to make.


Tuesday, jet lag is in the past and you sleep a little late. Ah, this is a good day to stay around the villa and the beach, soak up the sun, explore the local area, and simply just enjoy life. After your visit to the museum for the Battle of Marathon, you never again will forget the champions of old. They are immortalized all over our globe as humankind celebrates their victory with every Marathon Run.Tuesday afternoon is perfect to visit Cape Sounion and have a meal at the excellent restaurant nearby while watching the famous sunset behind the Temple of Poseidon. As you drive around Eastern Attica, you connect with this ancient land of Socrates and Aristotle.


Wednesday is great day to explore central Attica and to visit Delphi. You leave Schinias and drive through the plains of Thive and into the mountain of Parnassus. The vistas and panoramas of nature’s beauty are simply a delight to behold. At Delphi, you experience the essence of ancient Greece. If you are attuned to the spirits of antiquity, you may hear whispers from the ancient oracles still echoing through the eons of time answering the questions deep within your soul.


Thursday is the day to travel back in time to Mycenae and visit King Agamemnon, Greece's champion to recover Helen from Troy. On the way back, you will stop at Epidavros and experience its miraculous theater where you can hear a pin dropped from afar. Returning to Schinias is a good time to stop at ancient Corinth and its Temple of Apollo. You feel King Agamemnon, Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, Hercules, Pericles, the oracles of Delphi, and others leaving the pages of history and journeying into your presence. Also at Corinth, the Church that received the letters from Paul to the Corinthians still exists and has a plaque naming each head of the church from the time of Paul until today. For Christians, this is a good place to start your pilgrimage to the Holy Land next year.


Friday, your last full day in Greece is a great day for resting and enjoying nature's wonders here in Schinias. Friday night as you drop off to sleep, you will start to wonder if Zeus, Athena, and the other gods of antiquity are still around, waiting for mankind to once again call out to them.


Saturday. Where has the time gone? The airport is an easy drive to do and you will be there all too soon. On the way, you will feel contentment as you realize that you are leaving part of your soul in Greece. It is that kind of country. As you board the airplane, deep within your psyche, you know that you must soon return to this ancient land; this land that gave birth to democracy and Western Culture, the Mediterranean cuisine, your culture.



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